Republic of Estonia 100

The Republic of Estonia will be 100 years old on 24th February 2018. Celebrations have already begun and the jubilee year is to be celebrated in a thousand different ways. The following is a selection of the entire programme for the first half of the jubilee year. All additional information can be found at

Concert Show "The story of

the hundred"

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Concert Show "The story of the hundred"

20 / April / 2018 | Noblessner Harbour

The Jazzkaar Spring Festival will kick off with the concert show "The story of the hundred", created especially for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. The number 100 is magical and so is the unique documentary that portrays the soul and nature of the people of Estonia in music and photography. The work is put together by composer Erki Pärnoja, photographer Kaupo Kikkas, direc-tor Jaak Prints, and dramatist Laur Kaunissaare

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Exhibition and book "A Picture in History – History in the Picture"

16-5 / March-Aug / 2018 | Estonian Art Museum

The exhibition focusses on the role of artists in shaping the history of the Republic of Estonia, and completes the project "Artist and Kleio. Pictures of Baltic History and Historical Con-sciousness in the 19th Century", which began by studying pic-tures of Estonian history. The finale of the historic journey is the exhibition of Estonian historical pictures and the accompa-nying monograph "A Picture in History – History in the Picture. The national and international past of Estonian art".

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Exhibition "One hundred years under the keel. The story of Estonian ships 1918–2018"

24-13 / Febr.-Jan. / 2018-2019 | Seaplane Harbour

The fate of a coastal country is closely related to ships. Ships took away and brought back, saved and helped escape, marked the outbreak of war and the beginning of peace, embodied happiness and heartbreak – ships were vital to the country and the people. This exhibition tells 100 unique stories about Estonian ships from 1918 to 2018. At the same time, we take a bow before the people who worked, learned or travelled on these ships.